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    A look into the reasons for consumers behavior change when deciding to adopt a plant based diet and its impacts and consequences on the market and environment
    ( 2022-11) Naisa de Almeida Cunha
    We can say that nowadays a growing market is the market for alternatives to food based on animal protein. Over the years, it was noticed that there was an increase in people looking for this alternative, which are plant-based foods. The increase in foods, including beverages that are of plant origin, is notable, and this results in an impact on the market and favors the plant- based alternative industry, which presents a great challenge for the meat industry. In order to have a better understanding of the change in consumer behavior in relation to their food diet, this project aims to investigate what these factors are and what are the impacts of this change on their lives. The reasons that prompted this change will be investigated and they are related to ethical, health and environmental issues.
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    mpact of Environmental Factors on Consumer Buying Behavior in Irish Food Industry
    ( 2022-11) Romulo Galdino Lomba
    The increasing adverse effect on the environment due to human activities has raised the environmental concern. The research focuses upon the impact of environmental factors on the green purchasing behavior in the Irish food industry. These environmental factors include social influence, environment attitude and concern, concern of self-image and green marketing. The Irish food industry has grown rapidly over the past years and is expected to grow which also indicates new variety in food industry, thus it is important to understand environmental factors which can lead to green purchasing behavior to reduce the impact on environment. Quantitative research method has been used, and the primary data is collected using survey questionnaire. The research and its results are based upon the secondary and primary research, based upon the findings specifically from the Irish food industry. The results shows that these environmental factors have positive impact on green purchasing behavior, additionally most of the consumers are also willing to pay higher price for environmental friendly products in food industry and reduce the wastage.
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    How technology changed the music industry in the pandemic.
    ( 2000-11) Fabiana a Santos da Silva
    No abstract
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    Effects of Diversity on workplace, and challenges and opportunities for Brazilians to work in Ireland.
    ( 2022-11) CAIO FELIPE CORREA
    Ireland has seen an increase in the number of immigrants over the years due to a variety of circumstances, including globalization, war, and, in some cases, a desire to relocate to a safer area. All of this leads to a rise in the cultural diversity present in the Irish labor market. Brazilian immigrants, the subject of my study, come to Ireland primarily to improve their English skills because the country's public school system does not provide adequate instruction in the subject. Many of these immigrants also hold a second European nationality, which allows them to live and work in Ireland on a full-time basis without having to pay any kind of tax or apply for a visa. As a result, the goal of this study is to find out how this topic of diversity in the job market works in Ireland. Since this is a management course, it will be conducted in this way and try to figure out how important leaders are for this topic and what tools can help them. Keywords: Diversity in de workplace, reasons for migration of Brazilians, inclusive leaders.
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    Are Catholic Churches in Dublin communicating with the community through the Internet in an engaging way?
    ( 2022-11) Kelly Patricia Teles
    Global pandemic has put increased pressure on church communications. During lockdowns, parishes and churches were pressed to learn new skills for online ministry. After that, some religious leaders mention being more willing to communicate online, as they realized that believers still sought religious comfort online. It is a significant change in behaviour and could be explored in developing more marketing skills to church’s members attract and retain believers wishing for spiritual fulfilment. In this context, the social phenomena generate interest in investigating what believers living this new reality are responding to it. Thus, for this research it is important to investigate how is the believers’ point of view to understand how catholic churches has been using its online presence and communication to attract and persuade believers to interact and engage with the Gospel also in the virtual world.