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    Benefits and Challenges of Remote Work in the Irish Market
    ( 2022-11) Sarah Parreira
    Our way of life has undergone several modifications because of the coronavirus epidemic. Several societal customs were altered as a result of COVID-19. The implementation of remote work was basically one of them. Even if this modality already exists, it was the epidemic that made corporations turn to remote employment as a survival tactic. Even though we gathered information on this modality, further research is still necessary because eyesight changes depending on the situation. The examination of the selected subject that is being provided suggests a reflective viewpoint to increase knowledge of how those who work remotely see this work style. Considering the situation as it is now, potential solutions, and regular news coverage, it is a significant issue. The topic of interest is still connected to the welfare of the workforce. There are adaption processes brought on by this new long-distance interaction between the employer and the employee. It also presents a number of problems for people who utilize it as well as several benefits for all parties. For this study, a positivist approach was implemented, and data were collected through an online survey, which generated a total of 104 responses. The data reveal a good acceptance, and, in general, the interviewees were satisfied with the opportunity to work remotely in the Irish market.
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    Point of Sales System and the Interrelationship with Customer Service
    ( 2022-11) Jessica Soares Medina
    The point of sale (POS) system is a key element in any retail business, as it is responsible for processing customer payments. Zara's POS system runs on a DOS operating system, which is now end-of-life (EOL). This research study will analyze the impact of the POS system on customer service at Zara's store in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin. The study will use a mixed methods approach, combining qualitative interviews with managers and employees with quantitative surveys of customers. The study will seek to answer the following research questions; (1) What are the impact of the POS system on customer service at Zara's store in Dundrum Town Centre? (2) How does the POS system impact employees' job satisfaction and motivation? (3) What are the potential benefits of upgrading the POS system to a newer, more supported platform? The findings of this study will be of interest to Zara's management, as well as other retailers who are using or considering using similar POS systems.
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    Comparison during 2020 and 2022 mental and physical symptoms impacting cleaners, nurses, and managers dealing with COVID-19 areas. What has changed, are the symptoms still there?
    ( 2022) Sandra Elizabeth Flores Jimenez
    Background: COVID-19 cases was reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, as a pneumonia from an unknown caused. By January 30, 2020, there were already 7,734 positive cases in several provinces of China, and by April 18, the virus was confirmed in 198 countries (Shaukat, Ali and Razzak, 2020), by May 2022, cases were above 3.5 million, and fatalities above 12,000 (World Health Organization, 2022). Methods: The targeted employees are managers, nurses/ healthcare, and cleaners, which are considered the people that are in longer contact with the patients. I used for the quantitative method a survey, for 6 weeks 52 employees were engaged in it, employees from departments that have been in contact with covid since the beginning of the pandemic until now. As for the interviews, these were done for 2 weeks, where I was able to speak with 4 different people. The manager who runs cleaners in covid areas, 2 cleaners of covid areas, a nurse of covid area. Results: Practices implemented by the Hospital to ease the process for FHCWs, where most of the participants experienced severe psychological and physical symptoms during 2020 such as anxiety, uncertainty, fatigue, burnout, loneliness, insomnia, nightmares, transpiration, chest pain, panic breakdowns, and gastrointestinal problems. Also, skin problems related to the use of PPE. Symptoms ease as the same time as government measures ease and allowed to engage in their regular routine to decompress. Limitations: The results only represented a small sample of workers, the availability of participants was a factor because during the data collection, workload was quite heavy. Conclusions: COVID-19 impacted negatively psychologically and physically to workers during 2020, as for now symptoms are gathered on low levels, mostly related to the current affluence of the Hospital during winter.
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    Causes and consequences of staff turnover in food and beverage service in Dublin/Ireland.
    ( 2022) Priscila Costa de Souza
    The main objective of this research is to try to understand which factors contribute to the High Staff Turnover in the food and beverage industry in Dublin/Ireland. In this way, at the end of this research, there will be recommendations for companies in this industry, which aim to help reduce staff turnover in pubs and restaurants. As the research took place using the qualitative methodology, therefore, it was possible to identify in the interviews what has been causing this turnover. The interviewees mentioned important points such as: aggressive culture, managers who do not motivate, the non-existence and/or inexpressiveness of the Human Resources department, the expectations they have with the company, and communication, which has been mostly inefficient. Therefore, these factors impact and/or impacted the interviewees' decision to stay in the company or not. With the help of the Literature Review, it was possible to triangulate the information and obtain more concise and effective conclusions. Which made it possible to recommend some points, mainly regarding Communication and the role of the Human Resources department.