The People That Were Affected by Social Media Purchasing Online During the Pandemic

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Marcos William da Rocha Silva
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This research study has discussed how people were affected by social media on online purchasing during the pandemic. The study has covered various areas of interest, including the key entities social media has to ensure consumers continue using it. Social media platforms, including Instagram, with the highest number of users in the study, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon, among others, have been categorized to provide all these services. This study has been conducted among some residents in Ireland. It uses a qualitative research approach and incorporated surveys/questionnaires to collect data from a wider population. Also, other secondary sources of information, including articles, journals, Google Scholar, and blogs, have been used. Data collected from participants have been analyzed in the text. The study concluded by addressing the consumers purchasing behaviors during the pandemic period. It has also indicated how social media influences people to make purchasing decisions.
Da Rocha Silva, 2022