Video Marketing as a tool to enhance customer engagement, retention and conversion rates.

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Leonardo Rodrigues Costa
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Social media video content has become a trend that reaches everyone with a social media profile and a smartphone. Furthermore, social media platforms prioritise video as their primary content format due to its ability to hold users' attention, keep them scrolling the feed for hours, and entertain, inform, and educate themselves on various subjects. This study investigates how well social media video content can improve consumer behaviour, increase brand-consumer conversation, and convert viewers into paying customers. The project aims to demonstrate how video marketing can be a powerful tool for improving consumer engagement and retention in order to maximise competitive advantages. With this goal in mind, it is necessary to understand social media users' video consumption habits, daily time spent on these platforms, the type of video they prefer, and propensity to engage with brands that use video in their marketing strategy
Rodrigues Costa, 2022.