A Critical Analysis of Reputation Systems as an Alternative to Consumer Online Dispute Resolution

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Suellen Ferreira Trigo
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This dissertation was written as part of the MA in Dispute Resolution at the Independent College Dublin (ICD). In this dissertation, there will be a critical analysis of three online dispute resolution platforms that address consumer disputes in different jurisdictions. This research will take into consideration the platforms’ structure and design, the services they offer, if they attend to principles that are determined in the EU ODR Regulation (due to the lack of a global framework), and their outcomes. This critical analysis will focus on whether those platforms embrace reputational tools and investigate the consequences of using it or not. This research aim is to respond the question if reputational tools can be an effective auxiliary to online dispute resolution of consumers’ issues and how it should be operated. Furthermore, in response to this argument, case studies of multiple sources have been undertaken, where the researcher analysed qualitative and quantitative data. From this, it can be concluded that those platforms that used reputational tools such as ratings, reviews, white and blacklists lists had registered more visitors and complaints than that one which does not use them. This leads to the confirmation that the research hypothesis with regards reputational tools can be effective auxiliary to consumer disputes in the online environment.
Ferreira Trigo, 2020