A comparison of how online payment methods work differently in two different countries: Brazil and Ireland, and how much they impact customer’s life

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Cassia Souza Barbalho
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As the world evolves technologically regarding digital transformation and payment systems, each country finds its ways to step forward according to its necessity and resources. Which was what happened regarding Brazil and Ireland. Taking into consideration that each followed a different online payment methodology pathway. As a Brazilian immigrant living in Ireland, this subject matters due to its importance in my life and other thousands of countrymen living here as well. Living in two countries also implies managing two currency transactions, two banking accounts, two online payment methods, two systems and in two different time zones. Basically, that was the kitten for this applied project to happen. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze deeply how both countries’ online payment systems differs from each other, and how much they impact Brazilian immigrants’ life.
Barbalho, 2022