Information technology tools and employees’ performance

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Cesar Correia de Sousa
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Information technology within organisations has been playing such an important part in all aspects of business and it is crucial to understand the influence and relation between IT tools and employees’ performance and the issues involved when implement new IT tools, when working from home, when communicating between teams and also the negative effects of IT tools on employees’ performance. Companies on their digital transformation journey have invested heavily in IT tools to optimize their business performance however it is crucial to understand how IT tools effect employee’s performance. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of information technology on employee’s performance. This research followed the pragmatism method which involves a survey which was distributed to professionals in the industry based mainly in Ireland and in Brazil and a qualitative interview which emphasis is to understand individuals and their experience of the world around them. Analysing the responses there was a strong support to the literature review which states that there is a strong relation between IT tools and employee’s performance and if organisations neglect it those IT tools, can have a negative effect leading to low motivation and low levels of job satisfaction. The results indicate that IT tools have a strong effect on employees’ performance however it is important for organisation not only equip employees with the right IT tools but also create environment where employees can engage and feel valued.
Correia de Sousa, 2022.