The changes in Dublin Consumers Behaviour during the COVID-19 outbreak and Fast Fashion Industry responses

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Gisele Aparecida Pereira Dias
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Purpose: This project aims to analyse changes in consumer behaviour in Dublin related to Fast Fashion purchases during and post the COVID-19 pandemic and how retail companies have responded to these changes. Methodology: This report is based on exploratory research with interpretive analysis based on understanding the problem's nature. This project will analyse changes in consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic related to fast fashion purchases and how retailers have adapted to these changes. It is also based on phenomenological research, which will explore the phenomena that happened during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research uses surveys and interviews for data collection in the Dublin area. Results: Based on the primary and secondary researches, it is feasible to conclude that changes in Consumer Behaviour during the pandemic are also perceived as a trend that will influence retail strategies beyond the lockdown period. During the pandemic, the majority of retail businesses in Dublin did not have a crisis management strategy in place, which cost them the benefit of a quick and effective response. Companies will need a stronger plan in the future if another crisis occurs. They will also need to adjust their methods to meet the changing customer demand. Contributions of the Study: This paper appears to contribute to an essential and vital discussion regarding the permanent changes in Consumer Behaviour by highlighting prospective trends that retail businesses in Dublin will need to focus on. Keywords: Consumer Behaviour. Purchasing Behaviour. COVID-19 effect on sales. Fast Fashion industry. Dublin market.
Pereira Dias, 2022