Mediation in the Resolution of Conflicts Involving Elderly

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Risomar Pereira de Sousa
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The observation of the growth of the elderly population worldwide makes us look at this group of the population, and give importance to their needs, since in this aging process many of them need the help of third parties to manage issues related to this phase of life. In this scenario, conflicts may arise, related to health care, financial maintenance, etc. and mediation can be a tool to resolve conflicts that may arise within the family. The objective of this research is to analyze the application of mediation as an adequate method in the resolution of family conflicts involving elderly people, considering the interests of all those involved, in addition to their needs and available resources to implement whatever is eventually adjusted, especially for their pedagogical character in conflict prevention. The aging process was addressed, so that the elderly and their dilemmas can be better understood. The applied research methodology is a bibliographic, documentary, and qualitative review.
Pereira de Sousa, 2022