Internal conflicts – the challenges of living abroad faced among foreigners students.

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Maressa Vasconcelos Correa
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People are constantly searching to solve conflicts, most part of their life: in the workplace, in the family, and most important - their own internal conflicts. Internal conflicts are those that take place inside the mind of a person, while dealing with a important decision making or solving a moral dilemma. In the other hand, external conflicts are those that take place between a person or group, and are more related on dealing with obstacles faced in order to complete and accomplishment or over situational outcomes. The aim of this research is to have a better understand of the challenges faced among foreign students living in Ireland. This is research is based on a both quantitative and qualitative study which the strategy was survey. The population of this research were 70 students from different nationalities who live or has lived in Ireland for the past 4 years or more. The type of approach is a non-probabilistc and select a voluntary sample.
Vasconcelos Correa, 2021