Understanding Conflicts - an autoethnographic trajectory. Perspectives of a frontline worker during the pandemic of Covid-19.

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Dayse Christielle Alves Martins Morales
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This research represents a highly personalized account of the complexities, interpretations and reflections of a frontline worker during the beginning of the pandemic of Covid- 19 in Ireland, Using myself as the subject researcher of the social context of being employed as a frontline worker during an event of worldwide proportions. From an insider's point of view, I did chronicles and tracked experiences of my own immigration from Brazil to Ireland and the conflicts experienced using the methodology of autoethnography. This genre of qualitative research brings the reader closer to the object studied through the author's experiences. Autoethnography is a research and writing technique that attempts to explain and critically interpret human experience to comprehend the cultural experience. The methodology of autoethnography dramatically facilitates the understanding of the processes experienced under the optic of the researcher yet polishes how autoethnography can be used as an example of reflexive practice. The experiences I have encountered, the problems I have faced and continue to face will strengthen my own practice in the endless path of understanding conflicts and how they affect us in our daily lives.
Morales, 2021