The Importance of Developing Emotional Intelligence in Mediators

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Karla Guerrero
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An analysis was conducted on possible common points between developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) in mediators and the important effects of this during Mediation processes. For the purpose of this study some contributions made by authors such as Salovey and Mayer and Daniel Goleman in relation to EI are made and along with research in mediation, correspondingly. The study analysed literature focused on previous research that explained how emotions play a fundamental role in parties and the mediator during mediation and how important it is for the mediator to learn how to address those emotions. This paper suggests that EI is a skill to be taken in consideration for Mediators as a part of their studies and also for institutions to incorporate EI as an academic subject during the course. The research methodology focused on gathering data extracted from the population in the mediation sector. The format has been structured in a survey of nine closed ended questions answered by a yes or no and one open question which allows us to know the mediators’ perceptions related to the subject. The main findings show evidence that 93.9 % of sampling believe the importance of and the impact that EI have in mediations during a conflict between the parties and also between the mediator. This study also recognizes the lack of EI levels regarding the participants of the survey. The principal result of this investigation is that EI, in comparison to IQ, is an ability that could be learned. EI can be practiced to improve by developing the four most important components: self awareness, empathy, self management and social skills. EI offers Mediators the opportunity to better understand behaviours and reactions coming from the parties during the conflict as well as being aware of owns. Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Mediation, Emotions, Conflict
Guerrero, 2019