Alternative Dispute Resolution at Workplace – The Role of ADR in Modern and Traditional Organizations

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Merve Aybike Sahaner
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In today’s fast-pacing environment, conflict is an integral part of company culture. Since the late 1970s different concepts have emerged that help organizations to deal with conflict in the best possible way. One of these concepts that has proven to be helpful is alternative dispute resolution (ADR). While ADR focuses on the resolution of a conflict that is already at a later stage, it is part of a broader concept called conflict management system, which has gained increasing importance in recent years. In this research, using a qualitative interview methodology, the author focuses on the question what ADR means for organizations in the context of conflict management systems. Furthermore, it is discussed what the reasons are that some organizations implement ADR and conflict management systems and others do not. It will also be investigated to what extent the implementation of ADR and conflict management systems can lead to a better working culture. Based on the discussion of these questions, the author shows that a division into modern and traditional companies is not the decisive factor that determines the value of ADR and a conflict management system for organizations.
Sahaner, 2021