Exploring the market potential of plant-based food and beverage in Dublin, in 2022.

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Fabiola Ramos Geia do Amaral
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Plant-based diet has become a growing trend, especially among young generations that seem to be more aware of the benefits of following a plant-based diet. Studies have presented different motivations that make consumers to choose a plant-based lifestyle. Flexitarian consumers, for example, are driven primarily by the taste of the food, animal welfare and environmental impacts, while vegans are strongly driven by ethical opposition to the use of animals for food. Vegetarians are more concerned with animal welfare, taste of food and the impact that food has on the environment and their health. The purpose of this study is to provide entrepreneurs with insights about the potential of plantbased food and beverage market in order to help them in their business decisions making. To do so, the author of this research conducted a survey with 60 samples with focus on consumers preferences and opinions and 2 interviews with small business owners from Dublin, focusing on challenges and opportunities encountered by them regard plant-based food and beverage market. It is fundamental for business owners to understand which aspects lead consumers to choose a particular type of food or drink and their points of view about what is being offered in the plantbased food and beverage market in Dublin. Key words: plant-based food and beverage; sustainability; health; animal welfare; business; flexitarians; vegetarians; vegans
Geia do Amaral, 2022