Strategic negotiation skills in commerical management

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Marcelly Nogueira de Souza
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Negotiating is part of everyday life in both private and professional life. Therefore, being well prepared to negotiate should be the goal. This work aims to understand the importance of negotiation in the performance of companies and how the practice affects periods of crisis. In this sense, a literature review was carried out to identify types of negotiations and their stages and strategies. Besides, the importance of negotiation in the performance of companies was also discussed along with conflict management and crisis. This work was based on a series of renowned works and authors, aiming to highlight the most relevant aspects of negotiations' effectiveness. The referred literature has exposed the value of being an efficient negotiator, both in private life and in business. After all, negotiation is a fact of life. The present study is of a descriptive, exploratory, and correlational nature, based on a quantitative type methodology. Based on this conceptual framework, a questionnaire was drawn up and answered by 121 professional negotiators in Dublin. The analysis of the results allowed for the inference that there is a strong positive influence of negotiation in the face of crises. And that negotiation is vital in the performance of companies.
de Souza , 2021