The General Data Protection Regulation and the ethical use of social media data at an Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Laiz de Souza Moreira
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It is a thesis that I wrote to be as part of my master's degree in Dispute Resolution at independent college Dublin. We just start the second decade of the 21century, and social media like IG, Facebook or Tik Tok are highlighted to create a new interface to interact with people. At the same time, many other problems were identified after the technology made part of our lives. To help us to lead with the inconveniences of social media and the internet in general, the countries building laws to decrease the number of disruption although the system law is not that faster than the internet and technology and yours dispositive. When the congressmen are discussing the limits to impose in the law, one aspect is essential, the ethic. This way, the concerns are increasing to think about the limits of privacy and the right to information and how to legal system regulates this situation. So I wanted to do a little more research on the theme, and the results are in this dissertation, there is a discussion about ethics in the context of alternative dispute resolution from data collected in social media and the impact of the law in force GDPR. The topic of this research is based on my concerns in the world where people expose every detail of your life and what is the ethic limit to explore the world of social media respecting the human right of privacy in the context of a mediation or other alternative dispute resolution and about a possibility to use the data from social media in a dispute resolution in an ethical way.
de Souza Moreira, 2020