The Importance of Mediation as an Alternative Method of Conflict Resolution in a Workplace Conflict caused by Cultural Diversity

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Julianne Lucena Viégas
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Conflicts in the workplace are extremely common in our daily lives. We know that they can occur for several different causes, since employees have different thoughts, values and life experiences that can impact the work environment. The aim of this research is to identify the perception of individuals with work activity in Ireland about conflicts in the workplace and the influence of cultural differences in these conflicts. This is a quantitative analytical and cross-sectional study, survey type. The target population of this research is people residing in Ireland who are working in the country in a Multicultural environment. This type of sampling is a form of non-probabilistic sample, which uses chains of reference, where the dissemination of the instrument through the contact network is envisaged in its stages. For data collection, a questionnaire was developed based on other studies. Among the 130 participants in the survey, the results showed that it is a young adult audience with a high level of education and the vast majority of non-European origin. In relation to conflicts, a significant part of the respondents sees and perceives in their work relations influences of cultural diversity. None of the participants had real experiences with mediation, even so they believe that they would be comfortable with the participation of a third party in the conflict resolution process. Most employers do not use either traditional or alternative methods of conflict resolution. Regarding the classification of conflicts, all of them are characterized as intragroup conflicts.
Lucena Viégas, 2021