Alternative Dispute Resolution Principles as a factor to generate new investments in Ireland Post-Brexit

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Daniela Martínez Pinzón
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The following dissertation explores the role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in commerce in order to find whether it is an important element for the generation of new businesses and investments in Ireland Post Brexit. It also explores the possibilities for Ireland to become the new business hub of the European Union. Based on a pragmatic philosophy and through a mixed methodology, the relevant information was analysed, and professionals in the field were surveyed. All of this provided data of great importance to explore the aims and objectives, and to answer the questions of this research project. It was concluded that Alternative Disputes Resolution has an important role in business and in attracting new investments in a Post-Brexit Ireland, and that the possibilities of this country to become the new business centre of the European Union after United Kingdom withdrawal are favourable but not immediate.
Pinzón, 2020