Direct Provision System in Ireland: The Conflict between Government and Local Communities and the Impact for Asylum Seekers

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Lais Camila Correia Simoes
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The policy of dispersing asylum seekers around the country and accommodating them in direct provision centres was introduced over 20 years ago. The proposed research presents an inquiry about the Irish asylum system since its implementation and the challenges that arise within this policy, aiming recognise possible solutions for them. This study also brings a layout of the conflict between the Government and the communities where accommodation centres are to be or are already implemented and the impact of this conflict and of the system for asylum seeker. This research utilises mixed method design with qualitative and quantitative sources using the existent information related with the topic and involving interviews with asylum seekers, community representatives and Governments official. Despite the efforts from the Government to improve the direct provision policy and ally it to international human rights obligations and European reception standards, the system is failing in many aspects, with international protection seekers being the most affected, followed by the community in general. The results show an assertive necessity to improve the level of community consultation and the modification of the system for a more sustainable, humanitarian and lawful approach.
Simoes, 2020