The impact of cultural intelligence on the role of the mediator

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Maiara Marlley Campos Almeida
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The central focus of this study is to understand how cultural intelligence influences the mediator's work in a conflict mediation that is effective for the mediated parties. The proposal of this research was motivated by the observation of society and its current global contexts. It is believed that in the context of conflict mediation, culturally aware mediators become sensitive to how people's thinking influences how parties view their rights, obligations and values, and thus assess facts, develop conflicts and conduct daily negotiations. This research was conducted using the literature review method, which proposes the selection, analysis and description of the scientific production on the mentioned topic, thus allowing the identification of theories, methods and relevant gaps in the existing scientific content. As part of the investigation process, the researcher selected 10 scientific articles in the existing literature, in order to promote more understanding on the subject and still bring the possibility of generating beneficial changes in the mediator's work. It is concluded that the ability of a mediator to navigate and understand the cultural differences between the parties in dispute can become a key piece for the success in conflict resolution, bringing the cultural competence not as the most important tool in the characteristics of a mediator, but as one of the essential characteristics in the toolkit of this professional.
Keywords: Cultural Intelligence. Mediation. Mediator. Conflict Resolution
Campos Almeida, 2022