Workplace Conflict in Non-Confrontational Culture

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Katia Natsumi Nozuma
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Workplace conflicts are as frequent as any conflict that we usually get involved in our daily lives. From being in a sensitive situation, involving work colleagues, putting our job and the whole work environment at stake, this kind of conflict needs some precaution when dealing with it. We can say that workplace conflicts in non-confrontational cultures are even more sensitive. As the non-confrontational culture have this need or inner desire to avoid disputes, it possesses the image of being a peaceful, conflict-free environment. Japan and Ireland are both known for having a nonconfrontational workplace environment and for this reason, the study will explore the approach taken by the company’s team leaders, manager or HR team members when dealing with conflict. The study intends to show that it is not due to things not being seen or said that there is no presence of conflict in those organisations. Therefore, the study aims to clarify that companies/organisations belonging to non-confrontational cultures are also impacted by conflicts, whether it is a good or a bad way. For this purpose, the study makes use of qualitative research methods, which aims to analyse people’s behaviour towards conflicts in the workplace. Moreover, the methods used for data collection are interview, case study and review of the past literature on the subject. From the data collection results, we could observe that sometimes having a non-confrontational workplace environment it is not advantageous giving that the conflict situation will never get resolved and the decision-making process takes longer. However, it became clear that companies are changing trying to adapt, and different practices are being put into place to try to improve communication and relationships within the teams and organisations.
Natsumi Nozuma, 2019