Social media, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills

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Current high-tech improvements have had a radical influence on the way people communicate. In this study, former researches have been considered and the premise is that social media networking sites are fast becoming very popular means among college students as a consequence of the extensive usage of SMS- social media sites by college learners, but the interpersonal communication with others will not be replaced by social media networking sites. It is fair to say that social media has become universal within our culture and daily lives. In despite of persons´ consciousness of the decline of face-to-face communication as a result of technology, with 1.59 billion daily users on Facebook (July 2019). The aim of this dissertation involving communication, is definitely the use of Facebook- social media site (SMS), and its influence on communication and conflict resolution skills. In this study, the researcher administered an online survey to determine the level of commitment students have about the social media site Facebook, and their inclinations in the areas of communication and conflict resolution. Twenty-three college students enrolled in a master degree program answered to an anonymous survey addressing their daily activities in social media as well as general attitudes regarding communication and conflict resolution. The results of this research advise that people reflect face-to-face communication the most preferred and effective way to resolve conflict and communicate with others. Conversely, the findings also show that individuals intervene in everyday social media activities at a greater rate that has been established in previous researches. Further, respondents stated using talking in person, talking on the phone and social media to communicate and resolve conflicts in their daily routine. A future study is essential and encouraged to analyze in what way social media relates to the means of communication and conflict resolution and its influence on interpersonal running.
IQUIZE, 2019