Restorative approach: a path for cyberbullying intervention and prevention in post-primary schools in Dublin.

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Juliana Karina Pontes de Assis
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This study focuses on answering this question: How can restorative practices address cases of cyberbullying in post-primary schools in Dublin and help build a culture of peace in the virtual world? The difficulties linked to this research were essentially qualitative. The qualitative method proposed in this research presents two advantages. First, the comparative study appears to be more suitable for constriction of this strategy. It is possible to make a cross-national analysis. This kind of analysis helps to understand two different realities. They may share the same issues. The strategy used for this research was to send a survey by e-mail. The second process used is the semi-structured interview. Finally, the literature review with secondary data collection provides theoretical debates to understand social phenomena and behaviours. This process investigates how Dublin schools prepare to fight cyberbully and shows how a restorative approach can work against cyberbullying in schools. To present a map of how the restorative approach interventions in the reality of students. The result of absent responses from schools demonstrates how vital this issue is, despite being an issue of children's safety and psychological well-being. It seems taboo, which schools do not so openly discuss. What makes it possible in this study is that it presents suggestions for some intervention possibilities in the schools using restorative approach.
Pontes de Assis, 2022