An analysis of the use of internal marketing as a tool to avoid workplace conflict in a customer service environment

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Juliana de Oliveira
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The following dissertation aims to analyse the use of internal marketing as a tool to minimise workplace conflicts. In modern days, managers spend up to 40% of their productive time dealing with workplace conflicts. At the same time, employees show frustration about the way the feel the company they work for acknowledges their work. In this context, we will analyse trough literature review marketing and workplace conflicts theories. Also, going through a deeper understanding of human behaviours, effective communication and social needs. In order to test our hypothesis, an online survey was distributed to our research population, customer-service workers; specifically in retail and hospitality business. The results showed that the majority of the respondents; in fact, would like to have more internal marketing actions created to them and they relate the lack of it as one of the causes of workplace conflicts. Key words: Conflict Resolution, workplace conflict, internal marketing
de Oliveira, 2021