Negotiation, as an alternative to help conflict resolution in a remote work environment with employees who work from home

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Cintia Mariela Rene Avalos Zamudio
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This research considers the question: How can the negotiation tool help resolve workplace disputes between employees working remotely from home in Dublin? The research is essential because Negotiation is a robust framework for helping resolve conflicts. The model can be used quickly, cost-effectively, and confidentially to resolve disputes. This can be done voluntarily. Way, while allowing the relationship between the parties to be collaborative to reach the mutual goal. After reviewing the literature, which included international-based studies and Negotiation experiences, several detailed semi-structured interviews were conducted with working professionals remotely from home in Dublin. The purpose was to obtain views on dispute resolution, mainly incorporating the Negotiation and experiences in conflict resolution in their workplace. The research findings broadly mirror the literature review. However, the information cited from the Negotiation was not generally perceived as unfavourable in this jurisdiction. The research concludes that there are clear benefits for remote workers, using Negotiation within the scope of the research limitations. There are various strategies to implement the Negotiation based on the parties' interests. Our research question is answered based on our respondents' experiences and confirmed perceptions and highlights the benefits that stand out in conflict resolution, demonstrating the empowerment that it provides to employees in making decisions in their work environment.
Avalos Zamudio, 2022