Exploring the role of communication barriers in Negotiation processes in multi-cultural environments: Case study of Irish Multicultural Companies

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Deborah Gonçalves Valeriano
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Primary research focuses on the effects and challenges of communication barriers during negotiation processes in culturally diverse organisations. The research also explores various challenges that persist in Irish organisations when it comes to maintaining a highly diverse workforce and explores different techniques that are employed by these organisations to resolve these issues. Moreover, the research relies on primary collected data and qualitative research for which 10 participants are interviewed. The research was focused on Irish organisations and collected data from 10 professionals that have been working in a highly diversified organisation for at least 2 years to understand the challenges and issues that they have identified. After conducting a literature review, that analysed exiting data found in journal articles, case studies and other credible resources the research relied on primary data collection to discuss the identified areas of study. The research has shown that development and enforcement of comprehensive policies, technological driven training and development and adaption to new technologies and improving employee engagement are some of the most common ways that Irish companies are addressing the issues of communication barriers effecting the negotiation process in a diverse environment. The three themes identified in the research include language barriers, stereotyping barriers, conflicts, and disputes due to lack of communication, and enforcement of the mutual benefit policy.
Gonçalves Valeriano, 2020