Resolution of consumer conflicts: The Financial Customer Ombudsman.

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Carolina de Guadalupe Almeida Cen
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This study investigates performance of the FSPO considering the work for resolving the conflicts between banks and consumers and to provide opportunities for further improvement by strengthening the financial system. On the other hand, the objectives of this study has included comparison the conditions of the banking market prior to and after the establishment of FSPO. Additionally, this study also investigates the purposes for creation of FSPO and the expectations met as the result of the establishing FSPO. This research enquiry has also focused to develop an understanding of the operation, structure, powers and advantages and disadvantages and strengths/weaknesses of the FSPO. Lastly, this study is expected to provide recommendation so that the customers can understand the advantages of using FSPO for settlement of disputes in Ireland. Hence, the scope of this study has included the explanation on the factors for which FSPO was created in Ireland. For the methodological path, this research report collects data with the adoption of mixed method of data collection as research choice. Thus, secondary data has been collected from respective authorities of Ireland such as FIT-NET, FSO, FSPO and Central Bank of Ireland. On the other hand, primary quantitative data is collected by conducting survey of 109 customers who have experienced disputes settlement by using the FSPO portal. For the research ethics, the researcher has maintained integrity, honesty, the creditability of sources and other uniform ethical principles. The conclusive evidences of this research represented that transparency and fairness of dispute settlement process are the prime purpose for establishment of this entity. Additionally, FSPO has reduced the time required for resolution to 20 days as claimed by majority of the participants although this was 180 days before the creation of FSPO. The number of cases (i.e. registration) has also increased after the creation of FSPO authority in Ireland.
Almeida Cen, 2022