Patient’s Behaviour: The Perspective regarding how nurses from hospital and nursing home have dealt with their patients with dementia

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Enoque Garcia Moreira
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Conflict would be defined as a disagreement or different ideas between two or more people, groups, companies, etc. Conflict resolution is the term used to call the action to solve these disputes. There are different approaches developed to be used in different kinds of conflicts. Techniques of communication are essential during any approach performed. Following a different and no common environment of the conflict discussed in the studies, the research discussed conflicts in hospitals and nursing homes between nurses and patients with dementia. Dementia is an illness which can cause mental disabilities in people. Normally people most affected are older people and when these people need assistance in hospital or they will leave in a nursing home. When they are in these places, nurses should look after them. Many techniques of dealing with people can be used. It does not matter which public will be, however, there is a lack in the health environment from health professionals with abilities to give care to dementia patients. The research asked the nurses how often they look after dementia patients, how was their knowledge regarding conflict with patients and what they thought about a specialized nurse in dispute resolution into the nursing team. The data showed a lack in nurse’s knowledge in leading dementia patients and also the wish from them to have someone with skills in managing conflict in their nursing team
Garcia Moreira, 2022