To critically analyze the effectiveness of United Nation mediation role among disputant countries, a comparative historic view pivoting the critical global events involving United Nations and its future role as a Global Mediator

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Syed Haseeb Hasan Naqvi
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This study is aimed to analyze the effectiveness of United Nations and its role as a global mediator. What impact does role of United Nation mediation has on the member disputing countries while they are engaged in either a dispute or even an arm conflict. Additionally, some important global events of the past would also be analyzed to comparatively analyze the effectiveness factors hindering the effectiveness and the role of United Nations as a platform for global dispute resolution. The study is explanatory in nature. The data is collected from the respondents through the interview method 05 interviews were conducted for this process. The interviews were then processed through the analysis, secondary research was also conducted through citations comparative study of already existing work to make the research more reliable. The results reported that the United Nations despite of not being free from the grim control of world powers has managed to positively perform in a certain way to prevent wars, brokered ceasefires and agreements among countries. For this research it is not possible to cover all aspects and events related to United Nations but important and selected events and role of United Nations has been discussed as a future global mediator. Future studies can be considered for further analysis as United Nations is an ever evolving platform and need for research and analysis is always there.
Naqvi, 2020