The role of Mediation in the workplace environment: the awareness of employees about the mediation process and its effectiveness.

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Mayra Lourdes Silva Vilela
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Due to the published of Mediation Act 2017, in January 2018, Ireland recognised the Mediation as an important and appropriate method of dispute resolution. The efforts have taken by the Government and by the Workplace Relation Commission to incentivising the use of Mediation has been extremely important. However, this study aimed to analyse the level of awareness within the employees related to the use of alternative dispute resolution as Mediation to solve the conflicts raised in the workplace environment as an alternative to avoid bringing procedures to the court. To carry out the research was applied the quantitative and qualitative method conducted by a survey, analysis of reports an online articles and literature review. The primary research results identified a low level of awareness of the mediation process within the employees; however, it was found a high level of acceptance of engaging in a mediation process. Even though it was found a lack of awareness from employees, the literature review has shown an increase in the number of mediation practices by the Workplace Relation Commission.
Silva Vilela, 2019