A Critical Assessment of Mediation Techniques in De-Escalating Interpersonal Conflicts in Brazilian Secondary Schools

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Suy Ellen Macedo da Silva
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Conflicts have proved to be a constant reality in Brazilian schools, multiculturalism and social issues have made the school, what should be a welcoming place of socialization and learning, a troubled space for the spread of prejudice, discrimination and social injustices. This study aimed to answer what are the main causes of conflicts in schools, what are the effects of these conflicts and how teaching conflict mediation techniques can help reduce interpersonal conflicts in schools. For this, the methodology used was qualitative and descriptive research supported by bibliographic sources and interviews conducted with 8 participants, teachers, students and director of the public education network. The results were analyzed based on the respondents' responses, as well as with the support of specialized literature reviews on topics. We can observe that the impact of these conflicts is mostly negative for those involved. There is, however, no consensus in the ways of conflict management in schools, some choose to dialogue while others still use punitive sanctions. But what is evident is that without addressing the problem at its source, it becomes more difficult to resolve and consequently the way is left open for the recurrence of these conflicts. The teaching of conflict mediation techniques is an alternative to deal with and seek a solution, but also as a tool in the prevention of these conflicts through the awareness of the whole school for the search for peaceful coexistence among all.
Macedo da Silva, 2020