How Effective is Mediation in Handling Workplace Disputes in Ireland?

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Renata Thamires dos Santos Costa
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The purpose of the study is to identify the effectiveness and potential of mediation in handling workplace disputes in Ireland. The primary aim of the research was to investigate the sources of disputes in Irish firms and the effectiveness of the processes to manage disputes and conflicts with a focus on the potential role of mediation and emotional intelligence therein. To accomplish its main goal of finding a speedy settlement to particular workplace concerns, mediation can be used at any time during a disagreement or conflict. The study will be focusing, amongst other things, on the institute, the organisation that serves as the professional organisation for mediators in Ireland called The Mediators' Institute of Ireland, or "The MII." It offers accreditation for mediators as well as training programmes. The MII's mission is to advance the effective application of superior conflict resolution by upholding the highest standards in the sector for professional practise, education, and training. Relevant literature further demonstrates the effectiveness of mediation to address relationship conflicts in the workplace including in relation to alternative dispute resolution; effective mediation; situations suitable for mediation and the principles of mediation. The data used in this study will be gathered through primary quantitative method, in which the researcher has conducted a survey: 41 people were sampled by the researcher in order to gather data. These 41 participants originate from a variety of workplaces in Ireland. The strategy allows the participants to reflect on the potential role of mediation on their ability to uphold their dignity and foster respect for one another within the boundaries of a secure environment and also develop the emotional intelligence necessary for harmonious and productive work practices; over time, it is hoped this may result in better and more meaningful connections among employees.
dos Santos Costa, 2022