Negotiation strategies and tactics used by Brazilian professionals in Ireland

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Tatiana Pereira
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Negotiating is part of our daily life in all areas. Therefore, knowing how to negotiate should be everyone’s goal. The principal aim of this study is to identify and analyse the types of strategies and tactics in negotiation used by Brazilian professionals accessing any correlation between the skills used in practice with the theory from the literature. Although the interest for this theme is very significant in the business literature it has not been significantly taught in courses of other areas. The methodology procedures to conduct the study were designed through mono methods analysis, performing one technique of data collection, through a questionnaire which evaluates the negotiation skills people know and use when negotiating in the professional environment. When people answered the survey, results of the questions were analysed not only regarding the general results but also considering the impact of the most relevant results over typical negotiation approaches (e.g. gender versus emotional intelligence), which was also presented in this work. Considering the result is possible to state that the main sociological aspects like age, gender, employment status, etc. make a distinction on the ways the negotiation methods are applied. Considering that the minority (34.88%) of respondents had no negotiation training, the responses were generally surprising. Overall, the vast majority of the responses generally showed that Brazilian professionals have great negotiation skills, if not by training either from previous experience or common sense.
Pereira, 2019