Is WRC’s Mediation an effective Dispute Resolution tool to non-Irish in Ireland?

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Kauany Florentino Pontes
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The WRC's mediation and non-Irish workplace disputes in Ireland are the focus of this study. It determines whether WRC Mediation is the most effective dispute resolution tool in Ireland for resolving non-Irish workplace disputes. The Emerald Island is home to many nationalities, and its population has been growing over time. As a result, the presence of non-nationals in companies and jobs has increased, as have workplace disputes involving non-Irish. The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), which was established under the Workplace Relations Act 2015 (No. 16 of 2015), is another important focus of this research. It is the body to which all industrial relations disputes, as well as disputes and complaints about employment laws, are referred. The question is whether this agency is indicated to handle employment conflicts involving non-nationals in the country using mediation as a dispute resolution tool, it gains great importance in the subjective. The goals of this study are to better understand workplace disputes involving non-nationals and how they are resolved, whether non-Irish seek and trust the body, and, finally, whether WRC mediation is as effective for non-Irish nationals as it is for Irish nationals.
Florentino Pontes, 2021