Use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and benefits in Marketing Strategies

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Edwin Andrey Perez Salazar
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Abstract. Creating added value and generating new consumer experiences with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is currently a factor that can boost company competitive advantage. Consequently, the purpose of this study is to conduct a literature assessment on the use of AI technologies to marketing, which will aid both the scientific community and businesses in making strategic decisions for customer-centric advertising to the customer tastes. In this context, the major theoretical contributions, emergence, evolution, trend, viewpoints, components, and contributions of AI technologies in marketing are outlined. For this purpose, Spanish and English documents were examined in databases such as Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search using the EBSCO and Z Library tools. On the other hand, the significance of utilising these new platforms for SMEs can be emphasised, given that a reduction in financial resources is generated, which is reflected in increased expenses and charges. Due to the use of Artificial Intelligence on e-commerce platforms, the aforementioned is reflected in the automated processes, as new systems with the ability to think and reason on their own are created. In contrast, from a marketing perspective, it is certain that the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in popularity, which has a significant impact on market research firms because the material is already available. It must be simply know how to manage it well (Wirth, 2018). Before discussing the relationship between AI and marketing, it is necessary to define marketing as the capacity to meet the consumer's requirements and desires at some point in time, some place, and in some manner (Godwin, 2019). Lastly, among others, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies stand out as being able to increase the loyalty of specific target audiences.
Perez Salazar, 2022