How Brazil went from a country with internal and external conflicts to a country that helps with international mediation

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Antonio Dilmo Miranda Junior
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Brazil, in 2022, assumed its 12th term as an elective member of the National Security Council, demonstrating the country's active participation in global issues of peacekeeping and national security. However, the Brazilian past demonstrates a history of internal and international conflicts, which sometimes required the mediation of friendly countries for the resolution and return to diplomacy between the countries involved. With this, the objective of the work is to discuss the factors associated with Brazil's participation in the Security Council of the United Nations - UN. The research was carried out based on a literature review and a case study, in a survey of secondary data released by the Alexandre Gusmão Foundation between 2007 and 2021. With the research, it was possible to understand that Brazil, from the first contact with the countries that made part of the Peace Conferences through multilateralism, proved to be an active, defender of international rights, of the principle of equality, and claimant of its place in the Council. Engaged in all matters that were his concern, his trajectory at the UN was, and still is, of great relevance to peacekeeping and conflict resolution.
Miranda Junior, 2022