Exploring the role of cross-cultural differences in Negotiation: A study of the challenges facing immigrants when entering the labour market in Ireland

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Kislianny Gomes Andrade
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This study investigates the role of communication barriers due to cultural differences in the negotiation processes. The research focuses on the challenges faced by immigrants in the professional Irish labour market. The aim is to investigate effective techniques to reduce and overcome crosscultural conflicts that may occur due to cultural differences, as well as providing recommendations to immigrants seeking to join in the Irish labour market. The methodology used for this dissertation was qualitative, addressing the epistemology philosophy with a focus on interpretivism and an inductive approach. Primary data was gathered through 12 semistructured interviews with European and Non-European immigrants who work with different types of negotiation in the Irish labour market. The analysis relied on primary data collection to address the established areas of study after performing a literature review that analysed existing data contained in books, journal articles, case studies, and other reliable sources. The research has shown that language barriers and different approaches to interaction among cultures are the main communication barriers and challenges faced by immigrants when negotiating. This often generates misunderstandings in the work environment, consequently slowing, and affecting the negotiation process. By using clear and effective communication techniques, such as confirming and clarifying, in addition to prior preparation before interacting or negotiating with people from different background is effective in order to reduce and overcome communication barriers. Moreover, it has been identified that the awareness of cultural differences is crucial to reduce and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts generated due to communication barriers. This are important recommendation for immigrants who seek to join in the multicultural Irish labour market.
Gomes Andrade, 2021