Restorative Practice as an alternative to address hate speech on social media

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Mariane Nishi Gomes Kobori
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People's behaviours and relationships are altering as a result of technological advancements, the Internet, and social media. It is now simpler to locate an online community of nearly anything because of the ability to assemble people who have many things in common, particularly those who have a similar worldview. The number of users has grown over time, as has the number of abuses and crimes perpetrated inside the social media sphere. It is essential to analyse the effects of hate speech disseminated on social media these days, as well as comprehend the reasons and current measures in place to try to address the issue. The background and development of hate speech on social media will be objectively assessed in this work for the reader to achieve a better understanding of the issue and analyse the efficiency of the restorative practice applied to address hate speech on social media. This work will be evaluated by the appreciation of reliable research and survey made with social media users to produce accrued research.