The challenge of a caregiver in Ireland facing a patient with dementia: Negotiating a daily care process

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Renata Aparecida de Assis
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Background: In the past few years dementia has been showing an increasing number of cases. Studies show that the numbers will have a significant increase because the population is in ascend. As a result, the necessity of professionals to work in this area will be very important. However, to work in dementia care is fundamental the professionals have any training because dementia is a disease that affects the brain causing innumerable different behaviors. These behaviors have been a challenge to health professionals who need to deal with patients who do not know what are doing or saying most of the time. Negotiating daily care and using communication are two topics that have importance on training a professional. This study aimed to find out what is the challenge facing by health professionals working for people with dementia and how to approach them and improve daily care. Methods: A literature review of dementia was used to have some primary information about the topic. Followed of qualitative research done through a questionnaire with 16 questions answered by health professionals that have worked or still work in dementia care in Ireland. It was necessary use the computer to have the survey completed. Results: The survey was answered by 100 health professionals working in Ireland. The questions were organized to collect information about how these professionals deal with dementia care. The result showed that most of the professionals are prepared to work in dementia care however that is not a sign that our professionals are totally satisfied and free of health problems such as stress, depression, and frustration doing this job. Many professionals agreed on how it is important communication to deal with patients who have dementia. Negotiate with these patients asks patients, time, knowledge and pleasure working on it. Conclusion: This work showed how communication in dementia care is important followed by a professional well trained. Taking care of people who have dementia is not an easy job however the professionals need also to be assisted in their difficulties to discover the challenges facing by them and have then possible to solve them.
Aparecida de Assis, 2019