Causes and consequences of staff turnover in food and beverage service in Dublin/Ireland.

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Priscila Costa de Souza
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The main objective of this research is to try to understand which factors contribute to the High Staff Turnover in the food and beverage industry in Dublin/Ireland. In this way, at the end of this research, there will be recommendations for companies in this industry, which aim to help reduce staff turnover in pubs and restaurants. As the research took place using the qualitative methodology, therefore, it was possible to identify in the interviews what has been causing this turnover. The interviewees mentioned important points such as: aggressive culture, managers who do not motivate, the non-existence and/or inexpressiveness of the Human Resources department, the expectations they have with the company, and communication, which has been mostly inefficient. Therefore, these factors impact and/or impacted the interviewees' decision to stay in the company or not. With the help of the Literature Review, it was possible to triangulate the information and obtain more concise and effective conclusions. Which made it possible to recommend some points, mainly regarding Communication and the role of the Human Resources department.
Costa de Souza, 2022