An analysis of sexual harassment towards men at work in Ireland and how awareness and workshops can potentially prevent it by transforming its social perspective.

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Pedro Aurelio Trujano Ramirez
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Sexual harassment is a term mainly associated from a perspective with women being the main case of study and research in past years, however, in recent times with a fresh concept of equal rights and recognition of strengths and identities within the workplace, it is still seen nowadays the idea that sexual harassment towards men is not seen as relevant or sometimes not taking in consideration as important as one equal to women. This research goal is focused on identifying the most typical types of harassment men come across in the workplace and at the same time, exploring the current perception men have on the subject. Followed by an analysis from different authors on how workshops could also take place in work sectors to raise awareness as part of prevention. In same manner, while an alternative resolution for this type of dispute seems hard to achieve, the analysis of the social conflict is analysed through a couple of models from a social scale at the level of society, specifically on men perception and secondly, on a more individual level, inspect how the judgment follows a trend for all men in their personal boundaries when speaking of sexual harassment In order to achieve this, a survey has been implemented to collect data from diverse parts of Ireland as well as a varied range of men in working sectors, in addition, an interview with a professional in sexual consent workshop was taken to understand the logic behind most myths men have of the conflict. Lastly, this study is directed to any men who plan to get involved into any workplace environment or is currently doing so, as well as any student venturing in the area of humanitarian field.
Ramirez, 2022