A Research on How Covid-19 affects retail businesses in Ireland

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Lara Emanuelle Simões Braga
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During Covid-19, as a spectator, I saw the impact that the pandemic caused on the world. Business’ during this time closed their doors and owners had to shut their companies’ doors. Managers and employees lost their jobs and customers had to isolate from their normal day’s tasks to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. This fact made me to do research to facilitate and understand how to prevent and prepare the business, owners, managers, employees and consumers/clients for any future possible risks or crisis. The good performance of the business is essential for the environment of the society because they are the ones who deliver the goods and service to the society. In accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility, some business performances can benefit the society. The businesses are part of our lives, and it is important to understand the knowledge of how Covid-19 pandemic affected them and how future crisis’ can be avoided to benefit to the economy and society. This thesis provides a search from different points of views to fulfil the purpose which is to deliver enough data to businesses to prepare strategies for future crisis. I hope this research can deliver enough knowledge to the readers to improve business`s approaches and knowledge towards the progression of their operation and the environment.
Simões Braga, 2022