Peer Mediation: The Significance of Teaching Mediation Skills for Children in School Settings

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Vanessa Goncalves da Silva
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Overall, literature affirms that conflict takes part in people's life from the very beginning. In regard to that, it was understood the significance of studying the implementation of Peer mediation skills in preschool settings. Starting from the comprehension of its definition to analyse its procedures and how the performances of this program have affected the students. Followed by the investigation of the benefits and detriments, making a parallel between early ages education and the result already achieved. Furthermore, a comprehensive observation is done on which abilities, based on Peer mediation, should be taught for children according to their level of understanding. Finalising the literature review with a comparison to conflict resolution approaches already merged to the public and the importance of prepared educators on this journey. In addition to that, a systematic study of the theme was done throughout a questionnaire. The survey was raised involving teaching professionals in early childhood schools in Dublin to give effect to the method analysing the substance of teaching Peer mediation skills for preschoolers. Generating in its methodology a quantitative and qualitative design to the research. The literature review disclosed some practices that already implement problem-solving and conflict resolution skills to the curriculum in Preschool settings, allowing the follow-up to the research. Gaining more concreteness with the data acquired in the questionnaire perceiving meaningful conclusions and suggestions to the topic
Goncalves da Silva, 2021