The Importance of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Establishing a New Era for Conflict Resolution in E-Commerce

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Giselle Windisnayra Rodrigues e Rodrigues
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In this dissertation, there will be a critical analysis of the European Online Dispute Resolution system, which has the ODR Platform as its facilitating mechanism. This research will take into consideration mainly the development of the cross-border electronic commerce in Europe, the structure and services offered by the ODR Platform, as well as the analysis of the applicable legislation and issues concerning the protection and redress of consumers who use the internet to make purchases or purchase services. This critical analysis is focused on identifying the benefits of Technology and the ODR Platform to resolve issues arising from purchases made over the internet within the European Union and how this dispute resolution system can provide greater confidence between consumers and traders. The main objective of this paper is to show the importance of Online Dispute Resolution in establishing a new era for dispute resolution in Europe and verify if and how Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) can be an efficient, fast, and safe procedure for dispute resolution. To this end, quantitative and qualitative data obtained through a survey answered by consumers who buy on the European online market and through the European Commission's annual reports on the functioning of the ODR Platform were analysed. From this, it was possible to conclude that the ODR Platform meets only a part of the consumers' needs the reason why its necessary to improve the system was proven to completely meet its proposed objectives.
Rodrigues, 2021