Social media and Contemporary learning models: How do workers learn to generate value for the company's strategy

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Pablo Santos Rego
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The world has been transformed and continues to change at an increasing rate, requiring society to quickly adapt to all processes, and this is no different when discussing corporate processes or the introduction of social media in various industries. Learning and the way we learn have also changed, and in the quest for increased productivity and efficiency, new ways of providing traditional development content can be an alternative to keeping up with the profile of new generations. This study sought to stimulate debate about how social networks can be used as tools for corporate education and establish themselves as an effective channel. A survey was conducted with a non-probabilistic sample. The findings indicate a proclivity to use networks for learning purposes, and people currently spend about a quarter of their working hours on social media, demonstrating the power of this channel. Instagram has the most users of any social network
Rego, 2022