Perception of Empathy in Mediation processes and the way it is transmitted through Online Platforms

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Maren Gutierrez Condori
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The main aim of this research is to describe how empathy is perceived in mediation process and is transmitted through online platforms. In order to achieve this aim, the study attempt to adopt the objectives are outline the meaning of empathy in general, describe the role of empathy in Mediation process and examine how empathy in mediation delivered through virtual platforms. Hence, the study conducts quantitative survey with Ireland individuals who recently involved in dispute processes in online platforms. Therefore, researcher obtained informed consent to agree with their participation and also anonymity was ensured. The population of the study was chosen based on simple random sampling method. The participants were selected through social media and confirm their presence of survey through emails and phone calls. Questionnaire was designed based on the literature review and objectives framed and after data collection, the study conducts descriptive and inferential statistics through SPSS 25.0 version. The study confirmed that empathy is perceived better in mediation process and it is positively transmitted in online platforms. Though, negative emotions was noted but they convert into positive while making disputes. This confirms the role of empathy in mediation processes.
Gutierrez Condori, 2021