What is the effect of mediation in resolving the conflict between Generation Y and Z in the workplace in Dublin?

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Mustafa Sahan
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It has caused conflicts between generation Z, which started business life today, and generation Y, which has different characteristics. The change created by the Z generation, which developed a unique behavioural structure unlike other generations, started to find a place in business life. By examining the relationship of conflicts in the workplace with generations, mediation in resolving disputes arising from generational differences has been discussed in the literature review and the interviews. Secondary objectives define the Y and Z generations to determine the boundaries of the research and examine the conflicts that may arise between the Y and Z generations in the workplace. And the reasons for the conflicts between the two generations have been examined and discussed what reconciliation and its impact on conflict in the workplace is. Additionally, qualitative research conducted in Dublin analysed the effects of differences between the conflicting Y and Z generations. As a result of the interviews, concepts such as the orientation of the Y and Z generations in the workplace to conflict situations and conflict process were examined
Sahan, 2021