How can organizations avoid workplace conflict arising from ethnicity and cultural bias?

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Daniel Vieira dos Santos
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Nowadays, globalization has changed the countries' borders and created a less complicated labor movement, and these organizations now involve dealing with individuals from a multitude of cultures and backgrounds. This multicultural workforce augments Human Resource managers to confront new challenges due to necessary managerial practices changes. The tendency to increasing diversity and heterogeneity within an organization is beneficial only when it is managed effectively. My work's main purpose is to obtain a deeper understanding of cultural diversity in organizations, people -- would like to bring and retain between employees how to manage such multicultural organizations. To reach this purpose, I have to explore the advantages and disadvantages of cultural diversity in organizations. Cultural diversity benefits are increasing productivity and innovativeness, increasing satisfaction among the company's clients, and eventually increasing profits. However, the drawbacks are: difficulties in communication between diverse employees, stereotyping and prejudicing, and finally discrimination. However, all these minuses can be covered by the critical idea of gaining diversity. The company obtains heterogeneous individuals in terms of nationality, backgrounds, experiences, and education but it achieves a decisive advantage compared to other companies that do possess such skills. In my work, I have analyzed different methods and techniques that HRM can work this diverse knowledge to increase an advantageous workplace environment in the organization. I gave my personal recommendations to the company I work for 'The Yard Food Wine’’, what they may change in order to obtain a better job execution from its employees. Simultaneously, I gave recommendations -- to employees that work for a multinational company. My work's final research was dedicated to the survey analysis, where I have identified the conflicts that the employees find while employed in a multinational workplace. The conclusion of my study reveals that diversity implementation can be accepted in any organization as it is just a question of HRM's willingness with managers and leaders and the company's goals and objectives.
Vieira dos Santos, 2020