Mediation as an appropriate method for resolving conflicts arising in the workplace due to cultural diversification

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Bruna Bastos da Rosa
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This study shows that organizational practice is an excellent opportunity for competition for work, which creates a climate of conflict and conflicting assessments in its mediation processing. In this study, with the aid of an inferential analysis, the proposed intention will be to explore the effectiveness of the use of mediation as a means of resolving conflicts in the work environment due to cultural diversification. As far as the mediation process is concerned, organizations are developing approaches to prevent problems with the work environment in a diverse culture, but this is by no means a complete response to disagreements. To develop this research, aiming to achieve the proposed objectives, a questionnaire was developed and applied through Google Forms, collecting data from more than 150 workers in Ireland, all data collected in this survey were exclusive for the use of this research. The survey collected various information, but the results that pointed out that 92.7% of the participants stated that they had already experienced conflicts in the workplace are worth mentioning, and that 95.3% of the participants believe that mediation can be an effective method for resolving problems. conflicts in the workplace. As a result, it was identified that the majority of the participants agree that conflicts are commonplace in the workplace, and cultural diversification can become an aggravating factor in the occurrence of a conflict and that mediation can be an appropriate means of resolving conflicts in the workplace.
Bastos da Rosa