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dc.description.abstract The area of marketing psychology, which applies psychological concepts to the study of consumer behavior in the context of retail settings to get a larger knowledge of the motives behind consumer purchases, has seen some interesting breakthroughs recently. This field aims to achieve a clearer understanding of the reasons behind customer purchases (Hustic & Gregurec 2015). The ultimate objective of this study is to generate more successful marketing tactics to entice customers and convince them to make purchases as a result of the study's findings. When marketers have a greater grasp of the psychological elements that drive client behavior, they are better equipped to plan efficient marketing campaigns, which will increase product sales. The field of marketing employs a variety of psychological concepts and theories in various situations and applications. Cognitive dissonance is one of them, arguing that individuals strive to ease the tension caused by having ideas and experiences that directly contradict one another (Sutherland, 2020). According to the hedonic adaptation theory, when people get habituated to happy experiences, they become less inclined to value painful ones and more dependent on pleasant ones. These and other guiding principles can help explain why people purchase specific items, how they act when purchasing, and why certain products are successful while others are not.
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