Internal Mediation: Are mediation skills helpful for managerial position in the hospitality sector in Dublin?

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Manuel Urbina Alvarez
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This investigation aims and presents how mediation skills could help solve conflict within the hospitality sector in Dublin. Also, by analysing if mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution is helpful to solve conflicts within the sector, the study aims a course of action proposal of how managers could acquire or improve those skills that help them deal with conflict. Within the paper, the author proposes the use of an inductive methodology that suits the investigation better. As the researcher used a questionnaire with open and close questions, a mixmethod was used to analyse the data collected. The last helped to understand the implications in the surveyed responses. The scope of the investigation is connected to people who only work within the hospitality sector in Dublin. For this reason, it was focused on restaurants, hotels, and bars. The last statement to avoid a fake mix of information that despite those other businesses suffer conflict within the workplace, it is not the sector that was intended to analyse. Moreover, mediation in this sort of business might not be the best approach to solve the problem. The survey showed a high intention that the manager could handle disputes if they improve their skills. In addition, it was found that communication and active listening were the most relevant aspects to focus on. In conclusion, mediation is an approach that helps solve a conflict in the workplace but not in the hospitality sector in Dublin. However, in this research, despite people knowing about mediation; they focused their intention to solve conflict with other skills that need to be improved before going to mediation. Also, that improvement could lead to a better environment and communication.
Urrbina Alvarez, 2021